Tuesday, January 14, 2014

See You Again

Has someone ever said something to you, words they whole heartedly believed, but you knew in your gut were so very wrong? 

That happened to me. Those words have stuck with me. Even after an extended amount of time and countless hours of contemplating her view, I still know from somewhere deep within, those words were very wrong. 

A friend of mine had someone very close to them die. We were talking about how she was feeling and what I could do to help. She was very upset and expressed that the hardest part for her was that she knew she would never see that person again. At first, I thought she meant that it was hard because they were gone and physically she won't see them, of course being a difficult realization. Then the lightning bolt struck me with such sheer force. She explained because the person who died didn't believe in God, they will never have the opportunity to enter the heaven she believes in and therefore, she will never see them again. 

Man, it was like an arrow to my soul. I felt so strongly against those words, it felt like God was kicking me, screaming at me to express what I felt. Instantly I thought about this person who died. I have heard many different stories over the years about how wonderful of a person they were, loving, caring, helpful, forgiving, a gentle soul. All of those genuine qualities that my friend has lovingly expressed, but yet, when it comes to the day they die, all of that is erased? None of that matters because they were taught or not taught about religion a certain way? They don't go to heaven? 

That doesn't sound like the God I believe in. 

No, the God I believe in...LOVES EVERYONE. 

Loves YOU...
It DOESN'T MATTER what you've done in this lifetime-Bad or Good, 
Who you love, 
What you own, 
What religion or lack of religion you believe in, 
What beliefs you have, 
How many people you've hurt,
How many you love.

The God I believe in just LOVES. 

I don't want this to be about religion or what we all believe religiously. I just felt compelled to say that I don't believe in a God that just ends your life and that's that. I believe in a God that loves and I believe that no matter who you are and what life you have lived, I will See You Again, in some form, in some dimension of time. 

I do hope the next time I see you again, I am a very cool rock star  : )

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